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Meta Trader Robot
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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

+ 4k USD in 24 weeks---- trading two currencies. See Stats:

More good trading news to start the week out right for my Meta Trader Robot system---automated trading system found on ZuluTrade. Since currencies trade worldwide 24/6 with very few holidays, 'Meta Trader Robot' was able to close a few trades in the green, while the common flock where out partying for the US labor (less) day. lol

The 83rd trade has closed with a +35.3 pips ($66.6 USD). Live money followers who have followed from the beginning could have made 3,825.6 pips ($4,217.99 USD), in only 24 weeks.  The two primary currencies trader are AUD/JPY, USD/JPY

The good news is you can follow at anytime! The results cannot be legally guaranteed (warning trading has risk including complete financial loss), but this system has proven to be fairly consistent as can be seen by the statistics. It has a very high Return On Investment (ROI), which has equated to high return in a relatively short period of time. The system has consistently held and ROI of +300%, which is phenomenal.

The system may be followed here:

 ***The 83rd trade of Meta Trader Robot started in a loss as can be seen below, but ended up in a win as an be seen in above closing trade on 9-4-18 European time. The system have a +80% win rate; a +300% ROI...

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