Sunday, January 9, 2011

eur-usd technical analysis

This entire move was literally captured by my mountain climber trading system. A strong sell came in at roughly 1.3366 give or take a couple of pips and could have been ridden to the current price of 1.2909 which equates to $457 big ones. That is pretty good for a system that I have for sale for only $250. There are times when you win some or you loose some but with proper money management these big wins make up for any of the small losses which can be easily avoided by following the trading rules.

In fact the last 6 moves which includes this one were all good signals. This one however was particularly strong at what traders dream of. There was some choppy market action prior to these good moves where the market was pretty flat but it is easily dealt with. The trick is not to get on the wrong side of the signal.

Amazingly once the price got under pivot (the yellow line) it never looked back. It was incredible move that was supported by USD fundamentals throughout most of the week. The only setback was NFP which came in much lower than expected but Eurozone debt issues seemed to plague the Euro.

Mountain Climber Trading System

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