Monday, November 21, 2011

Projection 1 met - Massive call in gold is spot on nearly 1000 pips!

(see 2 previous post and compare to this one) November 16, 2011 weakness was spotted and projections drawn based on indicators results.

The drawings are mine based on the combination of a couple of indicators that I modified. If your interested in the indicators contact me - leave a message or email me - or click link below to see purchasing information - includes both .exe and .mt4 files for metatrader 4.0. Simply installation and can be used infinitely on demo charts so you can use a non-metatrader broker to trade and a demo to chart. When demo expires just make a new demo account.

Purchasing information

Includes mt4 indicator used in chart. Triangles were manually drawn to points that the indicator projected by the lines you see. Projections were figured manually as well from areas on confluence. Indicator will be sent as an attachment - you get both the .exe and the .mt4 file. Only works in Metatrader 4.0 at this time. All sales are final- no refunds after indicator is emailed to you. As stated it is a modified indicator which means I made coding modifications which in this case were huge modifications.

That call on gold was nearly 100 full points - not pips! It would be nearly 1000 pips! Any doubts in technical analysis? I didn't read any news what so ever. The call was 100% technical.

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