Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Does Obama Have a Clue When It Comes To Deficit Spending?

While the Federal Reserve leads the US down the path of destruction Obama looks more clueless as the debts continue to skyrocket. Just recently he apologized that he once voted against raising the debt ceiling. Uh, hello that was the only time you were right! Things such as zero-percent interest rate policy, quantitative easing, and raising the debt ceiling are not measures to control debts or deficits.

As the deficits grow uncontrollably Obama acts like he just doesn't understand. Much like when Bernanke replied "I don't know" where the money went. Obama used to ride the argument the debts are because of Bush administration. NO Sir! These debts are incurring on your clock and because of your own policies. Trying to prop Wallstreet is not is not a of number 1 task of a president or leaders of any country.

Don't forget Obama also recommended and appointed Bernanke and had no intention of correcting the deficit that Bush had ran up. It wasn't enough that Bush administration ran up the deficits to record pace and levels. No it wasn't quite enough!!! Obama outspent Bush in only 100 days while Bush was in office of president for 8yrs. Obama wins the hall-of-fame for spending and bankrupting the people! Obama clearly doesn't care about what hole he digs the US into financially.

Despite at onetime being against raising the debt ceiling, Obama now claims it was a mistake and it is actually a vital measure to raise the debt limit because it is actually vital to the economy. Wow what an utter lie. It is clear that this man can't hold any water to his own arguments and will just change as it so fits him. Naturally he voted against raising it while Bush was in Office. Amazing! When he can't point the finger at Bush anymore he will just change sides on his arguement and outright admit he doesn't know what he's doing.

"The president has asked us to increase the debt limit, in other words to increase the limit on the credit card, without doing anything about the source of the problem. And we've got to deal with the source of the problem," House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said Monday on Fox News Channel.

I personally am sick of having a president that is cool. Ok so you look "cool" to the younger people but do your job 1st and foremost. Yeah spending money does look cool but I could care less how cool you look or act especially when the money your spending doesn't belong to you. To me as a responsible adult you are anything but cool.

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