Saturday, October 23, 2010

Multi-Monitor Trading

A dream set up may not be as expensive as you think if you are creative.

Forex Trading can be much more enhanced with multi-monitor set-ups. Unfortunately buying a computer that is built for multi-monitors can be quite expensive. A cheap way of doing it is have a motherboard with extra PCI slots and search for cheap Video Card adapters on ebay. I have lots of video cards I've purchased on ebay that have duel monitor capability. Some of my cards were purchased used and some are new but they were all relatively cheap. I've paid as little as $10 for a video card and was able to easily add 2 more monitors to my system in a matter of 15 minutes. Not only that but monitors go like hot-cakes for under $100 on ebay. You can find mounts and stands there as well.

Make sure you get the right PCI card for you expansion. That is the most critical part. You might have PCI or PCI-E slots. Make sure you know the right type of slots are on your motherboard for expansion. Otherwise you will be wasting your money. Then just follow the manufactures directions to install the new video card into the PCI or PCI-E slot.

(For windows xp) After installing the card(s) just right click on your desktop and select settings. Now select the newly installed monitor (there should me more than one monitor identified) and check : "extend Windows desktop onto this monitor". There you have it. Now you have extra monitors. Just repeat the process for each monitor you set up. Make sure you always back up your registry before making any changes and then you can restore the last checkpoint.

To back up your registry. Click: start | help | Pick a task | undo changes to your computer with System Restore. Don't worry your not undoing any changes unless you select to. There's an option to create a restore point from a bullet list. You will select the bullet option to "create a restore point" and fill in the fields to make a new restore. I often do this to tweak my system to increase the security in case the tweak doesn't work. That way any registry changes that were made can be easily undone.

As Metatrader Chartist and Forex Trader we want to have our system tweaked out to give us a maximum advantage against our rivals. Multi-monitors and security tweaks give us more advantages to compete and protect our system in the competitive world of money and trading.

If you already have your monitors set up and want to have metatrader on each monitor there's no way to put an individual chart in each monitor window. But you can stretch the metatrader terminal across each screen by clicking on the re-size (the square box located on the upper right corner) and stretching the terminal so it goes across each screen. You have to click on a side and drag the edge to re-size it. You must not be in full screen to do it that's why you click on the re-size box once before resizing it to go across the other screens.


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