Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eurozone Debt Issues Overshadow Technicals

This video was way off the mark but I'll post it for analysis because there is still some valid points.

"technical outlook is still for a bearish euro"
"the market has been in a range and is going to have to breakout in one way or the other"
"alot of central bankers are in recession mode / forecasting recession, growth is still anemic"
"QE1 or QE2 Did not work it was the bazooka for the US and was massive compared to EFSF"
"US situation was different, primarily to avoid deflation and to stimulate employment vs the Eurozone trying to prevent default and reduce debt but it seems like their just throwing money away"
"the price of the Euro by year end will highly depend if there is QE3 in the US"

The next FOMC meeting is scheduled for Nov. 1-2

Will there be a QE3 before the FOMC benchmark rates are raised?

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