Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Looks like my simple but effective analysis was spot on.

Most try to go for the most complicated ideas when trading. If you had listened I made you money using a very simple approach. As you can see the contagion has spread. If you went the other way chances are if you were not religious before you are on your knees now praying that the market will correct or contemplating jumping off a building - don't do that there's lot's more things to live for than money and materialism. But if your going to jump off a building, just because you lost money - while in perfectly good health - I don't feel sorry for you.

Forget god (sometimes you have to even if you believe), forget money, get in touch with your inner spirituality. And above all stop trying to catch a bottom or a top - it is the most common error in trading. Most traders think they can do this but trying to find the absolute bottom or top is virtually impossible.

Yes you see I show you the simple and the simple stuff can work but I also know complicated tricks as well but if you don't first understand the simple stuff the complicated stuff won't do you any good. Friend if you want to make money get in touch with yourself and fine tune your emotions. The market is tuned to manipulate your emotions of greed and fear. They will keep you chasing your greed and running from your fear.

This speech from the movie trading places says it all:
"Think big, think positive.
Never show any sign of weakness.
Always go for the throat. Buy low, sell high.
Fear, that's the other guy's problem.
Nothing can prepare you for the unbridled
carnage you are about to witness.
The Super Bowl, the World Series. Pressure? Here it's kill or be killed. Make no friends and take no prisoners. One minute you're up half a million,
the next, boom. Your kids don't go to college
and you've lost your Bentley.

If I helped you - help me by buying my trading system to the right - just click on the picture. Not only will the system help you - your karma will improve and it is a small price to pay for the advice and tools I have given to you from my own experience.

The most formidable weapon though is you and having absolute control of your emotions which with discipline cancels out greed and fear. This market is only for the most disciplined traders that have the patients not to jump on every move but able to react to technical breaches.


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