Wednesday, October 26, 2011

war-crimes by Oakland Police - 3rd world tactics

Police use cowardly tactics on unarmed protestors. There were allegedly some bottle thrown in today's protest by in the previous night Oakland police assaulted peaceful protestor ripping down tents and declaring their protest as an "illegal protest". When I heard the comment I was shocked because it comes right out of the movie 1984.

The Oakland police didn't go after the so called bottle throwers instead they bombarded peaceful protestors that did not have anything to do with the rebel rousers. Caught on video was a group being flash grenaded while trying to carry off an injured protestor which was a woman. This reminded me of a war crime like act.

The Oakland police also attacked a person in a wheelchair and severely injured many peaceful protestors. I never tought I would live to see the day my government would stoop this low.

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